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Electric/Gas Motor Kits

Bosch PowerPack 400 Frame Battery
Whether visiting friends, enjoying a ride on city roads, or doing some errands with the eBike, the PowerPack 400 delivers the power you need. The lightweight lithium-ion battery is easy to install and remove or can simply be charged using the charging socket on the eBike. Its long service life, compact and easy-to-install design mean that the PowerPack 400 is not only reliable, but also strong on performance. The PowerPack 400 comes as a frame or rack model for all eBike product lines.
Bosch PowerPack 500 Frame Battery
The Bosch PowerPack 500 is the same size as the PowerPack 400 and only slightly heavier, but offers a longer range. When using the Bosch Standard Charger, this lithium-ion battery requires about two hours to charge to 50% and approximately 4.5 hours to charge fully. Once fully charged and together with the Performance Line Cruise, the eBike can ride up to 56 miles. The PowerPack 500 comes as a frame or rack model for all eBike product lines.
JackRabbit Mobility Inc. Jackrabbit Battery
Swap in this extra battery at any time for an extra 10 miles on your JackRabbit (dependent on total weight, road and weather conditions). And, this extra battery is FAA-approved for airline travel. The extra battery accessory also comes with a battery bag so you can easily store it under your JackRabbit seat, or simply toss it in your backpack or bag.
JackRabbit Mobility Inc. JackRabbit Ultra-Fast Charger
You want to cut your charging time in half, right? Don't worry, we got you. Product Specs: 100- 240 VAC input; 4 amp, 42V output
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